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Home security is now a vital component of personal safety. Burglaries worth over $3.5 billion a year occur in the US and these are very old figures indeed.

Police agencies report that over 60% of burglaries take place in private dwellings. This is largely because over the years business and industry have become increasingly protected by sophisticated alarms and CCTV systems. These security measures make it more difficult for the spontaneous burglar to break in.

In comparison, private homes and dwellings are less protected, more exposed and more vulnerable to amateur thieves attacks. Homes also usually contain goods and appliances that can be easily and quickly disposed for cash.


Home invasions are on the rise

Home invasions and armed robberies has also increased, especially in some cultural groups because of the tendency of hiding cash in the home. Many of these social groups come from countries where government corruption and banks unreliability force people to hide money in the home.

A security mindset is now also important even in rural communities.

In the past people living in outback locations did not even lock their front doors.

The idea was that if passing neighbors needed to take a moment rest and make a cup of coffee or tea, they could enter their neighbors property and feel welcome there.

Regrettably many of these outback communities have become the target of city burglars who raid rural communities and rob the properties leaving them bare.

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Home without security are prime targets

Security remedies

This site is dedicated to providing ideas, suggestions about the home security remedies available to homeowners.

In particular we will provide articles and reviews about …

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• Do-it-yourself security kits
• Gated communities
• Neighborhood Watch Systems

If you are involved in providing advice, goods, products and strategies that aim at protecting the home, please drop us a line and provide us brochures, videos and a description of your activity and we will publish it for free as a community service.

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